Why techiest?

What We Do

techiest brings years of technology experience to you. Taking advantage of our expertise enables you to focus on what’s important to you, rather than worry about technology. Our solutions and tools provide efficiency to companies, and our dedication to service stays ahead of any issues that may slow you down.

Fast Service

Getting help from us is quick and easy! When you need help, we'll be there for you.

Expert Team

Decades of experience and a love for technology keeps our team experts in the field.

Security Culture

Security is part of who we are and is included in the solutions we provide.

Proven Solutions

Our products and services have been tried and tested to bring you solutions that work.

Modern Technology

We keep up to date with technology and provide modern solutions that fit your needs.

Always Open

Our support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

Our Story

Based in Fort Myers, techiest, inc. is a managed service provider for small and medium sized businesses throughout the state of Florida. We are focused on your businesses success and how we can achieve it using the knowledge and tools we’ve acquired through decades of supporting companies like yours. Our motto is: When you succeed, we succeed.

Where Did We Start?

The founders of techiest, Mike Mannella and Jonathan Ledley, have been working in IT since they were able to hold summer jobs in high school. Many years have passed since then, but it has allowed them to see various environments and learn best practices that span any business, profession, or organization. That experience and knowledge gives them the edge as they work with the support team at techiest to find solutions to further your business and exceed your companies goals.

Where Are We Going?

Through our collective experience we have learned: small and medium sized businesses have many of the same IT needs as larger corporations but lack the IT personnel necessary to fit those needs. That’s where techiest provides added value to your organization. Our experience becomes your advantage. We are more than just someone to call when there is the problem, we are a partner, working with you to help you succeed.

That’s why we have developed a three-tier approach to our services. Any organization no matter how large can benefit from one of our scalable packages. As your organization grows, so does the value that we can bring to your team. Rather than worry about the costs involved to maintain your IT infrastructure, we include monitoring and maintenance as the core of any of our packages. As a result, this enables us to focus our efforts to provide a clear path to care for your future needs, so you can rely on the technology you use within a planned budget and strategy.

Is Security a Priority For You?

Security is a priority for us and our clientele. We limit downtime by implementing best practices that have been refined by experience. The partnership we have with you results in a secure, successful and profitable workspace. All of our packages include managed anti-virus, server backups and disaster recovery plans along with 24×7 monitoring of your network to give you peace of mind. Do you need a more advanced security service? Our techiest package offers everything a small and medium size professional service business or healthcare provider might need to protect themselves, their clients, and their patients.

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