Security Assessments

Why could your business benefit from a security assessment?

Your businesses network is frequently assessed to see if there are any security vulnerabilities. Your staff is exposed to phishing attempts. When surfing the web you could be just a click or two away from malware being activated on your computer. Unfortunately, those that have with bad motives are looking for those security holes whether we know they exist or not. Should we let them find them before we do? A security assessment will go a long way toward finding and addressing those security vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

Security Risk Assessment

Balancing your risk can be like walking a tight rope. A security risk assessment will help you identify any potential risks to your external firewall, to your workstation updates and anti-virus, file storage requirements, and more.

Phishing Assessment

Phishing emails are after your businesses personal information. See how well your staff reacts to potential phishing emails and where they could benefit from further training to keep your business safe.

How real are the risks?

In recent news headlines police departments, city governments, and even nations have been the victims of ransomware and data breaches. Take a look at these recent headlines:

1. How often should an assessment be performed on my network?

At a minimum, it is good to have the network assessed once per year. Depending on the regulations in your industry it could be recommended to be done quarterly or even more frequently.

2. How much does it cost?

It will depend on the extent and needs of the assessment. Reach out and any of our technicians would be happy to go over the cost of the assessment.

3. If I already have an IT company, can I still get a security assessment by techiest?

Absolutely! No need to be a current customer. We want you to see the value in what we can do as well as provide checks and balances.

4. Would performing an assessment on my network expose me to more risk?

Absolutely not! It will help you identify the risk so it can be addressed. Similar to getting a checkup from a doctor will help you identify any potential health problems before they become more severe.

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