Remote Worker

Who is supporting your remote workers?

Organizations today are mobilizing their workforce more than ever.

Remote Workers and Employees need support while working outside of the scope of your IT Support Staff.   You also want to secure their devices to keep them and your company safe.

techiest provides Remote Worker or Remote Employee IT Support.  Once a small agent is installed on their computer we can define security settings determined by your organization.  We can also login to assist them with software training and installation.

Remote Worker

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Our knowledgeable team is available to help support your remote workers

Our managed services will increase the productivity of your remote staff by providing them with easy communication and collaboration tools.

Managing Remote Workers is about being proactive.  Our managed services include a 100-point monitoring checklist that allows us to see problems before they happen and take action.

No computer? techiest can send a prepared laptop directly to your remote employee.

Included in all of our managed services packages:


We monitor and make sure your technology is online and at optimum performance 24 hours a day. We proactively look for way to improve, update, and secure your network.


When our systems detect there is an issue a request is made to resolve in your behalf. Often the issue is resolved before a human ever notices it.

Patches and Updates

We make sure your software is always up to date. Whether from Microsoft, Apple, or third parties your workstation will have the latest security and software updates.

Managed Security

We manage your anti-virus client and firewall rules so that your network and devices are secure. We get alerts in real time to address any potential incidents immediately.

Support Help desk

We have a help desk you can reach out to via phone call, text, email, or create ticket to find the assistance you need. All of these requests are tracked so we ensure your issue is documented and resolved.

How have our managed services helped other organizations?

Security and Compliance


Backups and Disaster Recovery


Reduction of Downtime and Increase in Productivity


Our team can help support your mobile and remote employees.  Contact us today to get more details of how we can help your organization.

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We are here to support your remote workers