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Often you will hear the term cloud used loosely to describe anything that we sync or store on servers across the internet. There are many consumer applications that will allow you to do this. Depending on the needs of your business it is possible to build your entire backbone of your company in the cloud using services like Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services. This gives your company mobility while at the same time ensuring all your data is safe and secure. Here a couple ways that the cloud could benefit your business:

Data Storage

Use the power of the cloud store archived data and replicate your on-site data storage.


We can setup authentication in the cloud so we can verify remote users are not bringing a potential threat into the network.

Cloud Infrastructure

We can build an additional server infrastructure in the cloud so that you grow at a scale able cost.

What can the cloud do for you?

As you grow and your needs change you don’t need to invest in additional servers and infrastructure that will take a lot to build and maintain locally. Instead we can work to help you find which cloud solutions make the most sense for you and your business to grow at scale able sustainable rate.

Flexibility and scale ability are the primary advantages the cloud can bring to you and your business. As the business grows we can help you determine what to move to the cloud and what to keep local depending on your individual needs.

Do we need to move everything to the cloud to benefit from cloud services?

Absolutely not! We can help you determine which items make sense for you to move to the cloud and which make sense to keep local. This can change over time as your needs change.

What is hybrid environment?

Most businesses rather than move everything to the cloud or host all their applications and data local use a hybrid environment. This is a mixture of local self hosted and cloud services.

Isn't the cloud expensive with all the monthly subscription fees?

Although there are monthly subscription fees with cloud services, much of the infrastructure is included in those fees. As a business is growing it is hard to be able to keep up with the costs of building that infrastructure. The subscription fees allow you to pay for it as you scale up, rather than paying for the infrastructure upfront.

Can you help me evaluate my cloud services needs?

Yes! Let’s setup an appointment and we can help you determine the best ways cloud services can work for you.

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