Misleading Equifax Breach Websites and Email

It didn’t take long for fake websites and email scams to start popping up.! Many criminals are taking advantage of the Equifax Data Breach settlement which gives those affected the option of $125 or free credit monitoring.

There are fake websites that show up when you search Equifax Breach settlement and of course there are phishing attacks.

Since many people were affected by the breach they are looking for these resources.

If you see a malicious website or email please report it to your IT Department immediately.

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Phishing Now – Very Convincing rnicrosoft.com

techiest continues to keep readers up to date on the most recent phishing threats.

We want everyone to be aware of a a new phishing scheme that is incredibly real looking.

This email shows how mature threat actors have become and how much of a danger they can be.

The subject line will be something similar to “Microsoft account unusual sign-in activity”.

The email is from an address at the rnicorosoft.com domain, look close, that is a lowercase R and N next to each other.

This campaign is another way to attempt to steal your credentials.  If you have clicked on this link and entered your credentials you should consider them compromised.  You should notify your IT Support and reset your username and password.

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