Have you heard about the PrintNightmare Vulnerability?

Have you heard about the PrintNightmare Vulnerability? It’s a dangerous risk to any Windows computer.

This vulnerability could allow a malicious third party to run programs as an administrator on your computer and cause countless damage.  You could be impacted by this vulnerability through an email attachment or malicious website.

techiest systems have already applied the fix released from Microsoft to their clients’ systems. This is great example of how we can protect you and your business.

We HIGHLY recommend everyone update Windows on their business and personal computers, laptops and tablets.  In Windows 10 the process is very easy, just click or tap the Windows button at the bottom left and type “update” then click or tap or Check for updates (System settings) then install any recommended updates.

Contact us today to see how techiest can protect your company!

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Free Microsoft Exchange Vulnerability Scan

The recent Microsoft Exchange Server attack is one of the most serious cyber incidents in recent years. At least 30,000 U.S. organizations have been affected. Patching affected Microsoft Exchange servers is critical to your organization, but your network could still be compromised.

techiest is offering you a Free Microsoft Exchange Vulnerability Assessment to ensure your network is secure. The scan will:

  • Identify Exchange servers on your network
  • Verify your Exchange server has been patched
  • Locate suspicious files and potentially malicious activity
  • Conduct a ransomware readiness assessment
  • Perform external exposure/risk vulnerability scan

Fill out the form below to sign up for your Free Microsoft Exchange Vulnerability Assessment today!

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    Join us at the CMAA World Conference March 8-12

    Join techiest at the Club Management Association of America (CMAA) World Conference and Club Business Expo virtually March 8th – 12th.

    Stop by our virtual booth to see how our Managed Technology Services can increase your efficiency and decrease your technology costs.

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    Solarwinds Sunburst Cybersecurity Incident

    On December 13th, 2020, SolarWinds released a statement about a current and ongoing supply chain compromise surrounding the SolarWinds Orion products.

    SolarWinds security advisory:

    What is SolarWinds Orion?

    SolarWinds Orion provides organizations with the ability to manage complex IT environments using a single product. Because of it’s abilities and powerful integration Orion has been selected by many organizations, including Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), as their primary IT Management service.

    What happened?

    A cyberattack into SolarWinds systems inserted a vulnerability into specific versions of the Orion software, which, if present and activated, could potentially allow an attacker to compromise the server on which the Orion products run.

    There have been many recent, high-profile, cybersecurity breaches related to this supply chain compromise including security firm FireEye along with the US Treasury and Commerce departments.

    This has lead Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) to order all government departments to identify and shut off instances of SolarWinds Orion software running or connected to any government system.

    No impact to techiest or it’s clients

    While techiest, inc. utilizes services provided by SolarWinds we do not use any products included in the security incident or advisory. We are working closely with SolarWinds to determine if there has been any impact to services provided to us.

    How techiest can help

    techiest can help your organization determine if they have been impacted by the SolarWinds Cybersecurity incident. Our security professionals can search for affected versions of the Orion product on your network, or servers, and assist in shutting it off or upgrading it to versions not containing the Sunbust code.

    If you are a government organization that has been ordered to shut off Solarwind’s Orion, techiest can provide alternate services to manage your IT Infrastructure. Our IT Management services provide monitoring and management, integrated security products including Antivirus and Webfiltering, along with the compliance and reporting you need.

    Contact us to find out more.

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    Join our team!

    techiest is now hiring a Customer Success and Support Agent. Read more about it here:
    Customer Success and Support Agent job listing on Indeed

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    COVID 19 – Landing Page – Checklist for Reopening the Workplace

    Thinking about your business reopening? The problem is, if you just pick up and go, and don’t prepare for having people back in the workplace, you may run into issues that could have been easily avoided. Now is the time to prepare. http://datto-content.amp.vg/web/thu9pehq7ni2

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    COVID 19 – Landing Page – Checklist for Reopening the Workplace

    You’ll play a critical role in helping your customers feel comfortable conducting business with you now that global health crisis restrictions have been lifted. Learn more about how to engage with your customers. http://datto-content.amp.vg/web/capladty2d2t5

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    COVID 19 – Landing Page – Checklist for Reopening the Workplace

    As countries, states, and cities begin to ease lockdown restrictions, this checklist for reopening businesses can help you jumpstart your return.

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    COVID 19 – Landing Page – Checklist for Reopening the Workplace

    While your office may be open, social distancing is important. Prepare to make changes to your floor plans, conference rooms, and signage to ensure your employees can abide by social distancing guidelines. Learn more here. http://datto-content.amp.vg/web/dxc7bizidmqgd

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    COVID 19 – Landing Page – Checklist for Reopening the Workplace

    Your employees are your greatest priority. Keep in mind that they may be nervous about returning to the workplace. If you prepare properly you’ll alleviate many concerns, enabling them to focus on the work, not COVID. http://datto-content.amp.vg/web/dxzdmri9aoijj

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